Global companies ban Mail Order Marijuana and Use of Marijuana

Mail Order Marijuana and Use of Marijuana

This plant, which has been used freely in the world for 1000 years, was grown in the 18th century in the Virginia region of the USA for industrial purposes, and its rope, fabric and paper were produced. The existence of this plant with the Industrial Revolution disturbed some kind of head of money “. W.R.Hearst, the gold mining owner, media and film boss in the US in the 1900s, was also a producer of paper and had a huge income. His biggest rival in papermaking was Cannabis. Rockefeller, one of the richest families of the same period, also had big oil companies, and the biofuel, Cannabis, was his biggest fear. Andrew Mellon, a major shareholder of Dupont, one of the biggest companies of the period, was a patent, plastic and cellphane manufacturer in the plastics industry. The natural qualities of Cannabis undermined its market share.

On the other hand the weed and marijuana industry was on the black list of pharmaceutical companies with its effects on medical use. These great and powerful money-fathers have turned this plant, which has been innocent for thousands of years for its own interests and commercial gains, into a guilty vengeance by using all the media, tv and radio broadcasters. Their black propaganda against people’s minds deceived them with misleading and false speculative news and convinced Cannabis to be a bad item. After this ground was formed, they used their powers in the government and they were banned in the US and then in the world as a virus.

Nowadays, as a result of scientific research, it has been revealed that this plant is important for human health rather than being innocent. In the face of this reality, the states of the world have gradually begun to lift this ban for certain purposes, especially for medical purposes. In 25 of the 50 US states, in most EU countries, Pakistan, Ecuador, Uruguay, Canada, Cambodia, North Korea, Colombia, Turkey and many other countries had gained in such a way that freedom. Canada is the first country to issue the mail order marijuana. And now working to release her as a marijuana country. Because of the healthy benefits of marijuana and weeds and support of the governments, Canadian people buy weed online in Canada and some places in USA. The patients get their weed by mail order marijuana method easily and confidence. They get those products for the benefits of green seeds!  In the Republic of Cyprus, the variety of products of this plant can be supplied for medical purposes. And even if we are saving a single leaf of this plant, it is enough for you to be arrested, to be disgraced in the media and to be imprisoned.

 Mail Order Marijuana

Drinking Alcohol compared to Smoking Weed by Mail Order Marijuana

In a 2007 study published in the Lancet magazine, addictive substances were compared in two main categories: harm to users “(such as addiction, mortality and mental dysfunction) and olan harm to others“ (eg, crime, environmental damage and international damages). While alcohol, heroin and cocaine were in the first place, marijuana had been involved in medicines such as benzodiazepine and methadone in clinical use. Some researchs show people find weed by mail order marijuana more than alcohol and other drugs in 2019 in Canada.

An interesting case in the 2014 European Drug Report is that in countries where marijuana is released, the demand for harmful chemical drugs (cocaine, heroin, extacy, MDMA, synthetic cannabinoid (bonzai), MDMA, etc.) is severely reduced.

A large-scale survey of the results of the 2010 Independent Scientific Drug Committee and scientists from the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction was conducted. They examine the damage caused by the substances to a wide range. Investigation of the damage caused by the substance to the user and its damage. The criteria of death, health and social relations, family conflict, economic cost and environmental damage are taken into consideration in the study population. As a result of the research, ALCOHOL is clearly identified as the most harmful substance for humanity. SMOKING (Tobacco) is the 6th place after Heroin, Crack, Crystal Meth and Cocaine. Marijuana is at the back of its ranking. In the light of this, Marijuana, which is used to heal people, is forbidden to the bottom, while alcohol and cigarettes are consumed freely without any limits. Canada government did let people mail order marijuana easily with just a few clicks for their health. Congratulations to the Canada government and Canadian people!