Cannabis: “Why we will distribute 4,200 joints for the investiture of Trump”

Medical or recreational, legal cannabis makes America soar … to the point of inviting Donald Trump’s inaugural day. Adam Eidinger will distribute 4,200 joints, he explains his initiative to “Obs”.

Legend says it rolls in Washington driving a black jeep registered “4/20”, the universal code name of cannabis lovers. Pro-weed icon, Adam Eidinger will attend the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday. And under his leadership, thousands of pro-legalization citizens will light with him 4,200 joints in the gardens of the National Mall that face the Capitol, 4 minutes and 20 seconds after the end of the speech of the president-elect.


“It will be pretty magical”, delights in advance the red-faced quadragenarian. An indefatigable activist of progressive causes and ecologists, Adam Eidinger tells “l’Obs” how the idea of ​​this happening was born: “This symbolic distribution of 4,200 joints is a way of saying that it is time to legalize the cannabis at the federal level “. Last October, a national survey indicated that 60% of Americans support this legalization.

“I will be there !”

For several days, the crew of the DC Marijuana Coalition, led by Adam Eidinger, is actively preparing the Inauguration Day by rolling thousands of joints to the chain. On the Facebook page of the collective, the excitement is at its height, the encouragement raining: “I’ll be there!” Lee enthuses, a surfer, before offering his help. Like him, thousands of citizens who support the legalization of cannabis have already promised to sneak in among the expected 800,000 spectators at the National Mall on Friday.